• Banknote Counter CCM-818F
  • Banknote Counter CCM-818F
  • Banknote Counter CCM-818F
  • Banknote Counter CCM-818F

Banknote Counter CCM-818F

Vacuum banknote counter made in Taiwan.
[ Speed ] [ Accurate ] [ Heavy duty ] and [ Reliable ]
Easy maintenance and economic maintenance cost
Count accurate for both banded and un-banded notes
Count accurate for both mint and poor notes
Model : CCM-818F

CMICO’s CCM-818F is an outstanding floor-standing bundle banknote counter machine (desktop type refers to CCM-818D). Mastering the state-of-the-art technique of currency counting machines, we are committed to developing and assembling the key components to provide our customers with high reliability and versatility for dealing with undamaged/damaged banknotes in high-capacity cash transactions. This counter also has a powerful suction pump, which provides accurate, high-speed counting for mixed-denomination bills. It is suitable for counting the currencies from most countries.


  • The vacuum pump with powerful suction allows the counter to process up to 100 bills in 2.8 seconds (100 sheets in 4 secs as the standard).
  • The system supports mixed-denomination counting and multi-currency counting.
  • UV detection can identify a wide range of defects and errors. When there is an unrecognized or irregular feature, the counter stops counting and dispenses the potential counterfeit banknotes in the hopper for removal.
  • The currency counter equipped with a three-layer filter system prevents dust and paper fibers from entering the interior and causing damage to the machine.


  • All the key components of the counter are designed, manufactured, and assembled by CMICO.
  • The floor-standing bundled banknote counter with 4 wheels provides high flexibility, security, and ease of positioning.
  • LED display and control panel to render ease of operation and there are multiple built-in functions such as CHECK, BATCH, FREE, ADD, AUTO-MANUAL, CLEAR, etc.
  • The counter supports the connection to an external monitor.


Main functions: [CHECK] [BATCH] [FREE] [ADD] [AUTO-MANUAL] [CLEAR]


Speed: 100 sheets / 4 seconds (Standard)

100 sheets / 2.6 seconds (Customized)

100 sheets / 4-5 adjustable speed set (Option)

Capacity: 200 sheets

Display: Dual lines green digits.Accumulation display 5 digits / Batch display 3 digits.

Power supply: 110V/220V+-10%  60Hz/50Hz

Power consumption: 360W+-10%

Dimension: 340(W)*340(D)*905(H) mm

Weight: 35 kgs

Speedy 、accuracy and heavy-duty

Stable and professional services quality

Made and assembled by CMICO, Taiwan

The internal vacuum pump perfectly counts the money

Bright and clear dual-lines green display for operator and monitor

modern and friendly high sensitive membrane panel

Floor-type bundle banknote counter equips with wheels

We provide periodic technical training support


    Batch Mode - allows you to preset a specific number of bills that the machine will count up to.

    Add Mode - allows cumulative counting of all bills, up to a maximum of 99999 bills

Counterfeit detection:

    Ultraviolet (UV mode) - the counter machine can detect a wide range of banknotes and clamp
    the suspect bill to the hopper for removal after stop counting.

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