• Cash counting machine CCM-818D
  • Cash counting machine CCM-818D
  • Cash counting machine CCM-818D
  • Cash counting machine CCM-818D

Cash counting machine CCM-818D

Currency counting machine made in Taiwan.
[ Speed ] [ Accurate ] [ Heavy duty ] and [ Reliable ]
Easy maintenance and economic maintenance cost
Count accurate for both banded and un-banded notes
Count accurate for both mint and poor notes
Model : CCM-818D

Taiwan design and assemble money counter.

Key components of bill counter made by CMICO.

Quality is stable and service professional.

Speedy Accuracy and Heavy duty are main characters.

Precise design of vacuum structure made the money count perfectly.

Dual lines green display is super bright and clear for operator and monitor.

High sensitive membrane panel is modern and friendly.

Technical training takes place periodically.

Desk type bundle banknote counter save space and modern.

Money Counters for banks and supermarkets
Batch counting/ Free counting modes
Counterfeit detection
Ultraviolet (UV mode) is able to detect a wide range of counterfeit bills. Once a counterfeit is detected, the CCM-818D stops the count and dispenses the suspect bill in hopper for removal.


Main functions: [CHECK] [BATCH] [FREE] [ADD] [AUTO-MANUAL] [CLEAR]


Speed: 100 sheets / 4 seconds (Standard)

100 sheets / 2.6 seconds (Customized)

100 sheets / 4-5 adjustable speed set (Option)

Capacity: 200 sheets

Display: Dual lines green digits.Accumulation display 5 digits / Batch display 3 digits.

Power supply: 110V/220V+-10%  60Hz/50Hz

Power consumption: 360W+-10%

Dimension: 340(W)*340(D)*305(H) mm

Weight: 24 kgs

1. Automatic start, stop and clear
2. UV (ultraviolet) detection: can detect banknotes with suspected UV properties, because fake notes often use white or bleached
paper which will reflect UV light and make the surface of note very bright. Real banknotes can absorb UV light.
3. Batch function: allows you to preset a specific number of bills that the machine will count up to.
4. Add function: allows cumulative counting of all bills, up to a maximum of 99999 bills
5. Suitable for most currencies in the world

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