Banknote Sorters

It is common that people refer to banknote sorters and money counters interchangeably and it comes with a quite obvious cause. Some advanced money counters have the ability to sort out the money, while the money sorters can count the money as it sorts out a stack. That being said, there are still differences between these two. Generally speaking, the banknote sorters have a more comprehensive sorting capability. They can sort the banknote based on the denomination, fitness, and orientation. Money sorters today can also tell the counterfeit from the legit banknote. These features are especially beneficial to the banking business.

Sorting banknotes upon denomination is fundamental. This function is required not only by banks but also by other businesses. It streamlines the cash management process and cut down the time it takes to finish the task. On the other hand, sorting by fitness refers to filtering out the mutilated, torn, and defaced banknotes from the intact ones. This feature is essential because in some business settings these banknotes will be rejected. The same goes for counterfeit money, which is why detecting counterfeit money has become one of the standard features of a banknote sorter. Having more functions on a banknote sorter means having more pockets on the machine. There are six, eight-pocket sorters for heavy-duty tasks. For small businesses, a two or three-pocket banknote sorter is enough for the job. Scroll down to check out CMICO’s banknote sorter and leave us a message here if you need more information.

Banknote sorter CBS-2001

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