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  • Banknote sorter CBS-2001

Banknote sorter CBS-2001

Taiwan design and assemble banknote sorter.
[Speed] [Accurate] [Heavy duty] and [Reliable]
Easy maintenance and economic maintenance cost
Quality is stable and service professional.
Technical training takes place periodically.
Model : CBS-2001

Bill sorter can sort out the banknote of different quality.

Fitness banknote is suitable for ATM processing.

Worn banknote send back to Central bank for destroying processing.

Quality is stable and service professional.

Speedy Accuracy and Heavy duty are main characters of Money sorter.

Fitness sorter can sort out the mass banknote and count perfectly.

7-inches colorful touch screen. Display is clear and touch is sensitive.

Super capacity reaches 1000 sheets.

Multi-sensors have excellent counterfeit detect and banknote fitness sorting.

Multi-nations currency program build. Customize accept.


Counting speed: 1200 banknotes / minute

Sorting speed: 1000 banknotes / minute

Pocket: 1 hopper / 3 normal pockets / 1 reject pocket

Hopper capacity: 1200 sheets

Normal pocket capacity: 500 sheets

Reject pocket: 100 sheets


[Single denomination detection] [Multi-denomination detection] [Version detection] [Mixed counting] [ATM sort] [FIT sort] [Face and Orientation sort] [Count]

Option:[External display] [Thermal induction printer]


[Infrared penetration] [Infrared spectrum] [Fluorescence] [Double CIS] [Magnetism] [Tape thickness detection]

Certificate: [CE] [FCC]

Dimension: 620(W)*450(D)*530(H) mm

Weight: 47 kgs