• Coin Counter 168N
  • Coin Counter 168N
  • Coin Counter 168N
  • Coin Counter 168N
  • Coin Counter 168N
  • Coin Counter 168N
  • Coin Counter 168N
  • Coin Counter 168N

Coin Counter 168N

Taiwan design and assemble cash counting machine.
Key components of currency counting machine made by CMICO.
[Speed] [Accurate] [Heavy duty] and [Reliable]
Easy maintenance and economic maintenance cost
Quality is stable and service professional.
Technical training takes place periodically.
Model : 168N

CMICO's 168N is an automatic coin counter. It supports legal tender from most countries. The adjustment allows the coin with different dimensions to fit into the machine (diameter ranging from 15~34mm and thickness from 1.0~3.2mm). It is equipped with a large-capacity hopper to hold coins up to 10,000 pcs. Rotating by the coin sorter to generate the centrifugal force, these coins will roll into the backplate with a series of coin apertures and be discriminated into different sizes. The machine has a digital display to show the result as it counts the coins. Defect coins and unidentifiable ones will go into the reject box. Aside from the standard functions, the 168N has other built-in features. For example, you can use the BATCH mode to make the number of coins equally distributed into packages. It is ideal for banking or financial businesses to perform accurate and efficient cash sorting tasks.


  • CMICO's money counters and coin counters are made in Taiwan
  • Accurate, Efficient, and Reliable
  • The coin bagging tube can easily clamp and connect coin bags or wrapper tubes for packaging.
  • The max counting rate is 3100 pcs per minute (dia. 20mm)
  • The hopper can handle a volume of up to 10,000pcs (dia. 20mm)
  • The machine is built with wear-resistant material, which prevents the damage caused by high-speed metal collision
  • The digital display shows clear results
  • The counter supports an optional external screen for easy monitoring
  • The unjamming button can reject the coins that get stuck on the counter


  • Commercial banks
  • Cash-in-transit companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Cash processing center
  • Money Changer
  • Public Telecom company
  • Mass Transit System

Should you need an effective currency handling solution for your business, contact CMICO right now because we have it.

Function: Infinity count () and Batch count(B/S)

Option: [Reject chute] [Dual-exist chute] [Bag guide and coin tube]

             [Foot switch] [External display]

Speed: 3100/min for ( Diameter 20mm*Thickness 1.5mm)

Capacity: 10000pcs (Diameter 20mm*Thickness 1.5mm)

Power supply: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

Power consumption: 90W

Dimension: 350mm(W)×600mm(D)×425mm(H)

Weight: 19 kg

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