• Banknote strapping machine CMD-528
  • Banknote strapping machine CMD-528
  • Banknote strapping machine CMD-528

Banknote strapping machine CMD-528

Money strapping machine designs and made in Taiwan.
[Speedy] [Compact size] [Heavy duty] and [Packing tight]
Easy maintenance and economic maintenance cost
Strap money can save space for store at treasury.
Bill strapping machine is available for all types of bill issued worldwide.
Model : CMD-528

Money packing machine can strap 1000 sheets banknote tight with p.p. tape.

Infrared safety system keeps the hands out of operational area.

Closed security door is more safety for operator.

Automatic p.p. tape feeding is friendly for operator.

Carbon filter system eliminate odor.

Strap money straighttight and firming shape. Avoid steal money.

Laser position system is friendly for operator.

Dilly bag is friendly for operator to put the scissor 、 manual and tools.

Speed / Heavy duty and packing tight are main characters of bill strapping machine.

Purchase suggestion : Choose the banknote binding machine that is available for use by banks. The bank's operation of the banknote counter and the banknote binding machine is not only to distinguish counterfeit banknotes, but it can bind even under a large number and high usage rate. . 

The banknote binding machine test actually many times before purchasing. Please follow the manufacturer according to the usage habits. According to the difference of each person and your use environment, the purchasing of the currency detector and binding machine are definitely not relying on the functions mentioned above in DM, but it is recommended that you can actually modify it. If it is normal, we offer   the price quotation of the currency detector and the binding machine.

With the advantages of [bundling fast] [small size] [machine durable] [bundling tight], the banknote strapping machine made in Taiwan is suitable for strapping banknotes in financial centers, banks, casinos, and other places.

CMICO CMD-528 automatic banknote strapping machine is primarily to handle the banknote management and store for large payment flow. This strapping machine can support up to 500-1000 sheets for bundling, making the banknotes neatly packed for achieving tamper-proof money management and convenient transporting. The adjustable worktable can switch according to different sized currencies, and support single, double, cross or double-cross PP strapping modes without smoke and odor. It is suitable for bundling the currencies issued in various countries. Just 100 seconds for preheating after turning on reaches the temperature at which the PP tape can be hot-melted. Also, the built-in extruder stresses the banknotes for tightly bundling them.

CMICO CMD-528 banknote strapping machine is your best solution for banknote management and the financial security of banking businesses.

Speed: About 7 secondsper strap

Warm up: About 100 seconds

Strapping manner: Single strip(-)  Double strip(=)  Cross (+)  Double Cross(++)

Heater temperature: 150 ºC ~ 200 ºC

Strapping size (mm): Max.181 (L)×82(W)×130(H)   Min.110(L)×52(W)×90(H)

Tape size: 20 mm (W) x 150 meters (L) transparent P.P. strapping band

Noise: 83~85 dB(A)

Voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

Power consumption: 420W

Dimension: 445mm(W)×365mm(D)×485mm(H)

Weight: 35 kg

Option: [Laser position] [Dilly bag] 


Speedy, tightly packed, and Heavy-duty.

Equipped with the toolbar for placing the scissor, manual, tools, etc.

The laser position system is friendly for the operator

Extruder to firmly and tightly strap money, achieving tamper-proof money management

The carbon filter system can eliminate odor and smoke

Strapping up to 1000 sheets banknote with p.p. tape

Infrared safety system and door keeps the hands out of the operational area.

The strapping machine can feed the strap the tape automatically and changes the tape quickly and easily.

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